Foundations of Entrepreneurship (BA)

Offered to first year students, this discipline entails the development of an entrepreneurial project following popular Design Thinking frameworks and Business Model Canvases.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship (BA)

Joined-offered by Insper, USP, FGV, Belas Artes and ESPM. This discipline combines ‘start-up garage’ approach to Design Thinking, as well as elements of Innovation management. Students grouped into interdisciplinary teams develop projects geared towards social impact.

Crowd-based Business Models (BA)

This discipline aims at exploring business models based on crowds: one-sided and two-sided platforms, crowd-based firms (e.g. Wikipedia), crowdsourcing, and other emerging formats. In parallel to the lectures, students develop a project where they provide a solution to an existing community.

Social Network Analysis (PhD)

Throughout this discipline, students and instructor review the major building blocks in the Social Network Analysis family of methods. Each session comprises three parts: lecture, paper discussion, and practical exercises supported by R codes.

Social Networks and Computational Social Science (BSc – Computer Engineering)

This discipline’s main purpose is to provide computer engineer candidates a hands-on opportunity to develop and implement a research project, from scratch to its conclusion. Instructors provide students basic social network analysis concepts, accompanied with Python libraries.

Strategic Organization (BA, MS)

The purpose of this discipline is to provide the basic tools related to Organizational Design geared towards strategic implementation. Specifically, organizational design dilemmas are discussed at the classroom, and students are invited to apply a three-pronged theoretical framework, which includes incentives, roles and measurements.

Strategic Management (PhD)

The purpose of this discipline is to discuss cutting edge papers in strategic management science. For that purpose, students and faculty choose recent papers from Strategic Management Journal, Strategic Organization and Strategy Science.

Scientific Methodology and Methods (MS)

The aim of this discipline is to introduce the basics of science and scientific research. Students are expected to develop a master degree research project from scratch.